Helping create a healthy environment for everyone

Through Tina, we are working to improve basic sanitation and hygiene facilities to homes, schools and health centers, so that children and communities can live, study and access services in a safer environment.

A focus on the future with employment and training opportunities

Our engagement and commitment to communities in central Guadalcanal is long-term. In particular through employment and training, we ensure that the project will have a lasting benefit for decades to come.

Empowering women through Gender Action Plan

The project continues to work with women and their communities and on executing the Gender Action Plan (GAP) which promotes equal opportunities for both women and men to participate and receive project benefits.

Rural Electrification Project

The Community Benefit Sharing Project consists of four components. Component 2 – Improvement of community infrastructure; houses the sub-component Rural Electrification Program that aims to extend the Honiara electricity grid to communities in the benefit share area.

More community project news coming soon.

More community project news coming soon.