Rural Electrification Project

The Community Benefit Sharing Project consists of four components. Component 2 – Improvement of community infrastructure; houses the sub-component Rural Electrification Program that aims to extend the Honiara electricity grid to communities in the benefit share area.

What is the Rural Electrification Program being delivery by the Community Benefit Sharing Fund Project (CBSP)?

The Rural Electrification Program forms a part of the CBSP component 2b that will fund community investments in water supply and electricity infrastructure as preliminary benefits to the host communities before the hydropower development is operational. None of the targeted beneficiary households are currently connected to Solomon Power electricity grid with few households even making use of solar power for lighting; relying instead on kerosene lamps and wood fires for cooking. The new feeder line will run from a connection point at Black Post road all the way to Tina Village which is an 8-9km stretch. This activity will be implemented solely by Solomon Power (SP) and is expected to be built within a year.

What are the details of the Rural Electrification Program?

The Community Benefit Sharing Program will invest in connecting the Honiara City power grid to the communities in targeted locations throughout the project region. Solomon Power, a state-owned enterprise with its own board of directors, will be the implementing agency for this sub-component to extend the Honiara grid network from a connection point on the Black Post road all the way up to the Tina Village through the installation of an additional 11kv transmission line and 415v, low voltage distribution lines and transformers. However, due to cost limitations, the Project will not be able to cover the full benefit share area.

What are the key Benefits of the Rural Electrification Program Benefits realized through the CSBP?

Funds will be used to support the development of communities in the project region by:

  • Extending the Honiara grid up to the Tina Village through the installation of an additional 11kv transmission line and 415v, low voltage distribution lines and transformers, making it easy for households to purchase service lines to connect to their homes.
  • Financing the costs of the service lines and in-house wiring for Rate School and Konga Health Centre.
  • Solomon Power is projecting this feeder line will connect around 270 -300 customers who will benefit
  • The investment hopes that with access to electricity, economic activities in the area can be boosted as well as other indirect benefits. Clinics and schools in these rural areas will have access to modern electricity – creating new opportunities in health, education, ICT and business

Download the Rural Electrification Project factsheet here.

Download the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) here.