In accordance with section G5.9 of the Pre-Qualification issued on 19th September 2014 in relation to the Tina River Hydropower IPP, the Ministry of Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification (MMERE), hereby informs you that the following are Qualified Applicants:

1.     Korea Water Resources Corporation and Hyundai Engineering Co. Ltd., Consortium

2.     Origin energy Limited and Contact Energy Limited Consortium

We Support Tina Hydro: Kikolo

A representative of the Managikiki Community in Bahomea, Central Guadalcanal, says latest activities of the Tina River Hydro project within their communities are very encouraging. Chief Whitlam Kikolo, former chairman of the Bahomea House of Chiefs and strong supporter of the Tina Hydro Project, says road surveys being undertaken now show the project is indeed moving to fruition. “We have seen surveyors moving up and down among communities conducting surveys on the access road so we are once again assured the Tina Hydro project is indeed coming along,” he said.

The Tina River experience: Power (only) through partnership

Paul Roughan at SIDS Conference, Samoa


Genuine partnerships are not just important for sustainable development; they are absolutely essential. This has been the lesson of Tina River Hydro in the Solomon Islands, where a flagship renewable energy project is approaching construction. Tina Hydro will displace more than 80 per cent of the electrical energy currently supplied by diesel generation.