Component 3 - Transmission Line

The TRHDP will consist of 4 components: (i) Hydropower Facility (HPF); (ii) Access Road; (iii) Transmission Line; (iv) Technical Assistance (TA). This factsheet will detail Component 3 - Transmission Line.

Transmission Line - US $22.82 million

  • Power is to be generated from the Hydropower facility will be sent to Honiara Electricity system through two parallel single circuit 66 kilovolt transmission lines of 22 km each to the existing Lungga Diesel Power Station.
  • The Transmission System will have a transmission capacity of 15 megawatts, equivalent to the generating capacity of the Tina River Hydropower Development Project. The Transmission System is expected to deliver 70 – 80 gigawatt hours of renewable energy per annum. This will supply enough energy to meet around 68per cent of Honiara’s electricity demand
  • The cost of this component includes the upgrading of the switchyard of Lungga Power station to accommodate the Tina 66 KV transmission system from the current 33 KV system.
  • This component (3) will be implemented by SIEA who will contract a supply and installation contractor. The Australian Infrastructure Financing Facility for the Pacific (AIFFP) is partnering with the Solomon Islands Electricity Authority (SIEA) to fund and develop the transmission system.
  • SIG’s acquisition of registered land for the Lot 1 Access Road allows SIEA to construct maintain sections of the transmission line with the rights to any additional land required to be further arranged by SIEA.
  • The project will provide economic stimulus, particularly important during and after the COVID pandemic, through new construction activity. The Transmission System will create opportunities for local firms and local jobs, with over 200 jobs for local and international workers expected to be generated during the Transmission System’s construction. There is a particular focus on creating jobs for women, as well as improving policies and practices for gender inclusion.
  • Construction on the Transmission line is due to be completed by December 2023 and power available through the system by 2024.
Figure A1-5, below, SIEA's preferred route is U2+S3+R1+Q (approximately 34.0 km) to White River and tee-off to Lungga Power Station through route T1 (2.7 km). The Project will finance only the line to Lungga Power Station (sections U2+S3+T1 = 21.6 km), while SIEA will later self-finance the line to White River (sections R1+Q).

Download the Transmission Line factsheet here.

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