Project ESMPs

Environmental and Social Management Plans (ESMPs) set out the requirements for how the project will avoid, minimize and mitigate adverse impacts.

ESMP updates will be approved by the Solomon Islands Government and Lenders prior to any works taking place, and a summary of changes will be provided which outlines additional measures relevant to each approval. The updated plans cleared for subsequent construction activities will be disclosed progressively.

For convenience, the CESMPs are also accessible from the HEC and THL offices as below:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

  • HEC Worker’s Accommodation Camp: Grass Hill, Malango Ward, Guadalcanal Province
  • THL Office: AA3, Pacific Ace Plaza, Kukum Highway, Honiara

It is noted that any questions submitted by the date of 24th of November 2022 can be reflected into the CESMP. Questions submitted after the date of 24th of November 2022 shall be reflected in the next schedule for revision.

Focal Point Ms Fiona Rodie
Phone +677-25115

No.Document TitleDocument TypeRevisionLink
P-1Construction ESMP Framework (CESMP)Project ESMP11/2022Download
P-2Biodiversity Management Plan (BMP)Project ESMP07/2023Download
P-3Stakeholder Engagement and Communications Plan (SECP)Project ESMP07/2023Download
P-4Human Resources and Labour Management Plan (HRLMP)Project ESMP07/2023Download
P-4Human Resources and Labour Management Plan (HRLMP)Project ESMP12/2023Download
P-5Influx Management Plan (IMP)Project ESMP07/2023Download
P-6Grievance Redress Mechanism (GRM)Project ESMP07/2023Download
P-7Security Management Plan (SMP)Project ESMP07/2023Download
P-8Workers' Health and Safety Plan (WHSP)Project ESMP07/2023Download
P-8Workers' Health and Safety Plan (WHSP)Project ESMP12/2023Download
P-9Workers Code of Conduct (WCC)Project ESMP07/2023Download
P-10Community Health and Disease Vector Management Plan (CHDVMP)Project ESMP11/2022Download
P-11Traffic Management Plan (TMP)Project ESMP11/2022Download
P-11Traffic Management Plan (TMP)Project ESMP12/2023Download
P-12Waste Management and Point Source Pollution Plan (WMPSPP)Project ESMP11/2022Download
P-13Hazardous Materials Management Plan (HMMP)Project ESMP11/2022Download
P-14Spill Prevention and Emergency Response Plan (SPERP)Project ESMP11/2022Download
P-15Air Quality Management and Dust Control Plan (AQMDCP)Project ESMP11/2022Download
C-1Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP)Project ESMP06/2023Download
C-2UXO Management Plan (UXOMP)Project ESMP06/2023Download
C-3Forest Clearance Plan (FCP)Project ESMP06/2023Download
C-4Post-construction Rehabilitation and Revegetation Plan (PCRRP)Project ESMP06/2023Download
C-5Quarry Management Plan (QMP)Project ESMP06/2023Download
C-7Water Supply Replacement Plan (WSRP)Project ESMP06/2023Download
C-8Watercourse Crossing Management Plan (WCMP)Project ESMP06/2023Download
C-9Spoil and Topsoil Management Plan (STMP)Project ESMP06/2023Download
C-10Drainage, Erosion and Sediment Control Plan (DESCP)Project ESMP06/2023Download
C-11Drill and Blast Management Plan (DBMP)Project ESMP06/2023Download
C-13Noise and Vibration Management Plan (NVMP)Project ESMP06/2023Download
C-14Cumulative Impact Management Strategy (CIMS)Project ESMP06/2023Download
M-1Suspended Sediment Monitoring Plan (SSMP)Project ESMP07/2023Download
M-2Water Quality Monitoring Plan (WQMP)Project ESMP07/2023Download
M-3Fish, Algae, and Macro-invertebrate Monitoring Plan (FAMMP)Project ESMP07/2023Download
M-4Social Impacts Monitoring Plan (SIMP)Project ESMP04/2023Download
M-5Flora and Fauna Monitoring Plan (FFMP)Project ESMP07/2023Download
M-6Construction Works Monitoring Plan (CWMP)Project ESMP07/2023Download
M-7Air Quality and Noise Monitoring Plan (AQNMP)Project ESMP07/2023Download
Annex P-12-III Installation, O_M Manual for MBR for STP07/2023Download
Approved Plan for Access Road Construction Works at Night(Rev.06) (2)[4601]03/2024Download