CBSP Benefits

Benefits realised through the CSBP
Funds will be used to support the development of communities in the project region, improve basis needs such as access to electricity and water, faster and safer road transport, more jobs, training of local people, improvements in education and health facilities.


  • The project will extend the Honiara grid up to the Tina Village through the installation of an additional 11kv transmission line and 415v, low voltage distribution lines and transformers, making it easy for households to purchase service lines to connect to their homes.
  • During construction, positive benefits such as faster and safer road transport will be possible thanks to the realignment of 13.2km of the existing Black Post Road and the creation of approximately 5.5km of new site-access roads for the dam site and power station.
  • Several access roads will also be upgraded and widened, significantly improving the road network in the area. This will contribute to better access to markets and generate opportunities for local businesses.


  • The Project will finance the costs of the service lines and in-house wiring for Rate School and Konga Health Center.
  • Having the CBSP Fund will ensure children will benefit from a stable and predictable stream of funds to support good quality education infrastructure and service provision.
  • Hospitals, clinics and schools in the rural areas where 80 percent of the population lives will have access to modern electricity – creating new opportunities in health, education, ICT and business.


  • During operation, every man, woman and child in the Tribal Cooperatives, will receive a stream of land-royalty revenues directly into their personal bank accounts. The CBS Fund introduced by the Pilot project will be additional to these land-royalties funds and impact a wider group of people.
  • Employment of up to 350 locals at the peak of construction supporting communities to gain employment as well as building skill capacity.