Component 4 – Technical Assistance

The TRHDP will consist of 4 components: (i) Hydropower Facility (HPF); (ii) Access Road; (iii) Transmission Line; (iv) Technical Assistance (TA). This factsheet will detail Component 4 - Technical Assistance.

Technical Assistance - US $7.0 million

The total cost for the Technical Assistance (TA)is estimated at USD $7.0 million.  This component supports the operation of the Project Office under the MMERE to finance consultants to overseas the project and the deliverables of the components.

Component 4 will be implemented by MMERE, through the Project Office, who will recruit key Project Office staff including:

  • environmental, social and gender focal point experts
  • maintain the Dam Safety Advisory Panel members,
  • recruit an independent Environmental and Social Monitoring Agent
  • external auditors and specialised technical experts when required.

The following actions are required of the PO to deliver on the technical assistance support for project implementation:

  • prepare and periodically update the Project Operations Manual in cooperation with the other implementing entities
  • provide awareness building and training for various stakeholders
  • monitor and support environmental and social safeguard arrangements and the Gender Action Plan (GAP)
  • implement the Land Acquisition and Livelihood Restoration Plan (LALRP) for components 1 & 2
  • maintain a Dam Safety Advisory Panel (DSAP) and independent environmental and social monitoring agent
  • oversee and advise on disbursement requests under components 1 & 2
  • conduct a cumulative impact assessment
  • liaise with various government counterparts and other stakeholders
  • support implementation agreements agreed under the land acquisition process
  • support communities in utilising their share of project benefits for community development
  • to report to the World Bank and other financiers on project performance and achievement of objectives.

Download the Technical Assistance factsheet here. 
Download the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) here.