Component 2 - Access Road

The TRHDP will consist of 4 components: (i) Hydropower Facility (HPF); (ii) Access Road; (iii) Transmission Line; (iv) Technical Assistance (TA). This factsheet will detail Component 2 - Access Road.

Access Road - US $26.0 million

The estimated cost of US$ 26.0 million is based on the detailed design being executed by SIG’s international consulting firm and ongoing negotiations with the sponsors.

  • Construction on the Access road is due to commence in the fourth quarter of 2020.
  • The access road to facilitate HPF construction and operations includes two lots:
    • Lot 1 involving the upgrade of the existing 13.2 km road from Black Post Junction to Managikiki Village; and
    • Lot 2 involving a 5.5 km “greenfield” road through steep heavily forested terrain from Managikiki Village to the dam and power station.
    • Upon commissioning of the Hydropower Facility, Lot 1 will become the responsibility of SIG and Lot 2 will remain the responsibility of Tina Hydro Limited for the duration of the PPA, after which it will be handed over to SIG together with the Hydropower Facility.

    The salient features of the Access Road are detailed in the factsheet here.
    Download the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) here.