Our Project

The Tina River Hydro Development Project (TRHDP) is a National project of Solomon Islands, managed by a dedicated Project Office under the Ministry of Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification, MMERE.

The TRHDP is part of a broader initiative called Solomon Islands Sustainable Energy Project, SISEP, and has as its objective the provision of electricity for Honiara from indigenous renewable energy sources (hydro) to provide more affordable and reliable energy options to the capital.


71.5 m dam (from the foundation), located on the Tina River approximately 11.7 km upstream from the Tina River, the point at which the river then becomes the Ngalimbiu River.


An approximately 3.3 m diameter, 3.3 km long head-race tunnel to connect the dam to the power house.


It will be equipped with 3 turbine/generator units, each with a capacity of 5MW and is located about 5.4 km downstream from the dam.

Transmission Lines

Dual 66 kV transmission lines in a 50 m corridor from Managikiki Village to the Black Post Turnoff, as well as transmission line route from Black Post Road to the existing Lungga Power Station.


Construction of permanent and temporary access roads to the powerhouse, dam, intake portal, dam base, mini-hydro, quarries, and Black Post Road reserve, amounting to a total of approximately 21.5 km.

Staff and Workers Accommodation 

Workers’ camps will be located approximately four kilometers south of the Black Post Junction turn off.

Site Offices and ancillary facilities

Consist of site offices, stores, batch plant, crushing areas and pug mill, fly ash warehouse, and explosives storage facilities.

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