Electricity and Safety Training Delivered to Communities by the Tina Project Office and Solomon Power.

June 5, 2024, Guadalcanal - The Tina River Hydropower Development Project Office, in collaboration with Solomon Power, has delivered specialist training on Electricity and Safety aimed at equipping women and men in Tina catchment communities. Under the Gender Action Plan (GAP) program, the ‘train the trainer’ program will take place over three (3) days from June 4-6 and will be facilitated by Health and Safety experts from Solomon Power. First day of training will be held in Belaha and will continue in Mataruka on the second day and, Mbahomea on Thursday. The primary purpose of this 3-day program is to provide the opportunity for key people to be trained and educated in electricity and safety, and to provide basic skill-building session to improve their communities' well-being. Each community has been encouraged to send at least two women and two men representatives to participate in this vital training program. The ‘train the trainer’ concept is a proven initiate for livelihood training with successful programs being delivered under GAP in the past.

Mrs Helen Dolaiano, Gender Officer for the Tina Project Office says the objectives of the training program are threefold. “Firstly, it aims to enhance the skills and knowledge of rural women, men, and youth so that they can effectively educate their communities on electricity, safety, and energy usage in households. Secondly, the training seeks to guarantee that every household is adequately informed about safety regulations and best practices. Lastly, the program intends to provide participants with the necessary tools and strategies to efficiently manage household electricity budgets.” She goes on to add that “through these objectives, the training endeavours to empower individuals to create safer, more sustainable, and economically stable living environments within their communities. ”Project Manager for the Tina River Hydropower Development Project, Mr Pradip Verma adds the project remains committed to improving social inclusion through various GAP training initiatives in 2024 and beyond. "Offering a range of training programs to local communities is crucial for ensuring that everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances, has equal access to learning opportunities.

The Gender Action Plan (GAP) program is dedicated to the continuous implementation of activities that foster inclusive environments, where all individuals feel appreciated and respected. This ongoing initiative aims to cultivate a sense of belonging and empowerment within communities through inclusive project training."

The GAP Program, which commenced in 2019, has positively impacted hundreds of people through training and skill development, predominately investing in the lives of rural women and girls. The GAP team work closely with the Ministry of Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification under the Solomon Islands Government (SIG) as well as multiple stakeholders who finance and support the Project including the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development, the Asian Development Bank, the Government of Australia, the Green Climate Fund, Korea EX-IM Economic Development Cooperation Fund, and the World Bank.

This collaborative effort between the Tina River Hydropower Development Project and Solomon Power shows a partnership that is committed to community safety, empowerment and sustainable development.

Caption : Communities gather to listen to Electrical and Safety Training facilitated by GAP and Solomon Power. 

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