Implementation of the Community Benefit Sharing Project – Phase 2 Begins For Tina Catchment Communities.

Honiara, Solomon Islands - May 31, 2024 – The Community Benefit Sharing Project – Phase 2 (CBSP-2), an innovative benefit sharing initiative in support of the Tina River Hydropower Development Project (TRHDP), is starting implementation on the ground. Building on the success of the Community Benefit Sharing Pilot Project which ran between 2018-2023, CBSP-2 will continue to target the Malango and Bahomea communities downstream of the hydropower facility. Overall, the program will positively impact over 7,000 residents in 80+ communities, benefitting an estimated 5,000 people directly.

The new Project will see a robust benefit sharing scheme established between the Solomon Islands Government, Tina Hydropower Limited (THL), and the Tina River Project area communities. This is the largest and most innovative benefit scheme ever implemented in Solomon Islands and will be delivered under four key components. The CBSP-2 initiatives include additional infrastructure investments in water supply systems, rural electrification, and a community access road, alongside skill enhancement for individuals within tribal registries with a particular focus on women and youth.

CBSP-2 Project Manager, Francis Kapini says it’s an exciting time for the Project and communities with the implementation of this new phase. “With construction of the Tina River Hydropower now well underway, we are looking to deliver even more benefits to the host communities with CBSP-2,” he says. “The first major deliverable is the rural electrification program which will start in the next few weeks, providing power to over 200 households over a 6-month period. This is in addition to the 140+ households who have already benefitted from the rural electrification connections established under CBSP phase 1.”

Mr Kapini goes on to say that the second phase will be closely monitored and evaluated to ensure the project meets its objectives and the outcomes are positively impacting target communities. “We will use key indicators, such as the CBSF operational index score, community satisfaction levels with investments, increased access to services for beneficiaries, and the impact of training on local economic development to help determine its success and impact.”

CBSP-2 is supported by the World Bank with a US$5 million IDA grant (SBD $42,450,000) and will be implemented over a 5-year period by a dedicated team in the Project Office within the Ministry of Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification. The Tina River Hydropower Development Project remains committed to fostering community engagement and ensuring sustainable development for Tina catchment communities by delivering tangible benefits and enhancing community livelihoods.

Caption : The newly established CBSP-2 Project Office team (left to right-Lionald Tarairamo ,Monica Prasad, Sherinter Maeli, Francis Kapini, Titus Siapu, James Dolarii)

For more information contact Sarina Laurence, TRHDP Communications Advisor, ph: +617 432 573 136,

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