Tina River Project surveys locals for pre-employment Project training

Local firm, Pasifiki HR conducting the survey and registration of eligible locals from the Tina River Hydropower Development Project catchment area. 

Surveys and registrations are being conducted over the coming 2 weeks for eligible locals from villages in the Tina River Hydropower Project catchment to create a database of those employment opportunities on the nation building renewable energy project. A total of 300 people will be targeted by the Community Benefit Sharing Project (CBSP) to be part of a pre-employment training starting next month, to help build local capacity to meet the demands of Project employment when construction begins.

The initiative, which forms a part of the Human Resources component of the Community Benefit Sharing Project(CBSP), is designed to enhance the positive impacts of the Project to the communities in the area. To ensure the component objectives are being executed in accordance to the Human Resource plan, local firm Pasifiki HR will be working alongside the CBSP team to create the database and deliver the training programs. The firm has put together a comprehensive agenda to ensure participants are equipped and trained to meet the requirements for potential employment.

Investing in communities by building local capacity is a key component of the Project and one that has been designed to leave a positive legacy for year to come. A system to ensure the fair distribution of employment and training has been signed off by lenders and SIG to ensure the Project provides opportunities through a tiered approach. This will allow for people in the directly affected communities of the Project catchment, to have the first opportunity to apply for jobs if they meet the skill set requirements.

Dr Edgar Pollard, Director of Pasifiki HR says his team are excited to start working with the communities and getting people ‘job ready’. “For the people who live in the villages in the catchment, to be involved with this nation building world class renewable energy infrastructure Project, is a once in a lifetime opportunity,” he says. “After the surveys and registrations are completed, we will have a database of eligible people who will receive lifestyle and job readiness training covering 8 key topic areas. The objective of the workshops is to orient the trainees to the world of work and self-reliance through life skills development and life-long learning.”

Some of the topics being covered in the training will include health and personal hygiene, environmental awareness and community responsibilities , problem solving, strategies for seeking employment, workplace safety and use of hand tools. All of the curriculum is designed to be trainee-centred rather than content-centred, given participants practical and easy to apply information.

Staff from Hyundai Engineering Company Ltd, present at the program.

Over the coming weeks, the team will invite all people from the Project area to come along to a venue, as listed in the table below, for registration. Participants will be required to be of legal working age, a certified resident of the Project area and have an interest to be trained for locally hired positions with the Tina River Hydro Development Project (TRHDP).

Register Centre 


Date /Time 




23rd Nov, 9.30am - 3pm 

Tina, Katihana, Horohotu 1-2, Mbirao, Vuramali 



25th Nov, 9.30am-3pm 

Marava, Ngogoti, Vatupaua, Verakabikabi, Vulele, Namani, Grassland 



26th Nov, 9.30am-3pm 

Mataruka 1-4, Chichigne, Sugina 


Mbelaha Academy 

30th Nov 9.30am-3pm 

Ado, Tita, Raho, Kwai, Relocation, Aroaro and all Mbelaha communities