Prime Minister: People must benefit from national project

Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo says strong partnerships between government and the people in national projects like the proposed Tina River Hydro are crucial.
Prime Minister Lilo made this statement after being briefed about the progress of the Tina River Hydro Development Project last week.

“It is very important that grassroots feel the impact of benefits from these national projects.

“In light of the positive updates, I am very encouraged by the approach to benefits which has seen real results delivered directly to the grassroots landowner communities,” he said.

The Prime Minister’s comment relates to the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development building three classrooms in the Bahomea and Malango regions of Central Guadalcanal since November.

The assistance, according to Permanent Secretary Dr Fred Isom Rohorua, is part of its support to the work of the Tina River Hydro Development Project.

The Ministry’s support materialised after presentations by the Project Office in September that communities of the area are very critical of government’s lack of delivering services to them although they are very close to the capital.

The Ministry’s support also included upgrading roads in the area in order to enable it reach Betivatu, Rate and Antioch, the schools it is supporting.

The Ministry of Education is part of a Government Taskforce, comprised of technical and relevant Ministries, which is advising the proposed Tina River Hydro Development Project.

Other Ministries in the Taskforce are expected to also render support to the Project in the New Year.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Lilo has stressed that his government will continue to support the project in developing a real partnership within the landowners and ensure that the grassroots landowner communities continue to experience direct benefits.