CBSP’s PET reaches target of 300 participants

The TRHDP’s Community Benefit Share Project (CBSP) has reached its target milestone of 300 people participating in Pre-Employment Training (PET) as the 11th and final group attended sessions last week. The PET program has been an ongoing element of component three’s Human Resource Development which also includes vocational and technical training programs. These programs, which started back in 2020, have helped members of communities in the Project catchment be trained and equipped to access the employment and other future opportunities.

CBSP Coordinator Francis Kapini described the wrap up of PET as a significant achievement for the Project and communities. “Despite many challenges over the past 2 years, we have achieved the intended target to train 300 people under PET. This is a real highlight because it helps people in the catchment communities to be more job ready when the Project is operational.”

The CBSP team and facilitators from Pasifiki HR also acknowledged the communities of Bahomea, Malangho and Belaha for their positive support towards the program, describing the achievement as ‘a positive community partnership.’ One participant from the final PET session was 22 year old Rylie Joe from Belaha. He said the week-long training was an eye opener for most of the participants. “We are very happy to attend this training because from what we learnt; we can now also practice in our communities.”

The sessions have helped participants better understand a range of issues including hygiene, nutrition, drug and alcohol use. It also covered topics such as gender-based violence, learning about the environment, community participation and how to access employment opportunities. Importantly, the training has helped to empower participants, improve self-esteem and develop assertiveness to look for work and participate in improving community services. 

Clinton Zinihite, CBSP Project Officer emphasized that PET was originally designed for unemployed individuals to provide basic knowledge, attitudes and skills before entry or re-entry into the labour force. “The objective of PET clearly states that it is a training that aims to improve work practices through life skill development learning and to prepare capable individuals within CBSP communities for future employment with construction and related activities with the Hydro project," he said.

Importantly for the Solomon Island Government, the flagship Project will not only reduce electricity cost and improve accessibility, but assist to build local capacity and prepare communities to be job-ready, delivering both economic and social benefits for its people.

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