Local Company Solomon Sheet Steel Partners with Tina Hydro as Primary Supplier of Cement and Aggregate

The Tina River Hydropower Development Project's investment in and support of local businesses during the preparation and construction phases of the project continue to have far-reaching positive effects. For Solomon Sheet Steel, a family-owned business and a prominent building materials supplier and manufacturer in the Solomon Islands for over 40 years, the partnership with the national project has allowed to business to again prosper after a difficult few years impacted by the effects of the global pandemic. 

Currently employing approximately 400 workers, this multi-faceted company specializing in steel, cement, and building materials has been able to expand its workforce due to the Tina Hydro Project supply contract. The partnership has not only provided growth opportunities for the company but also contribute to local employment, offering numerous job prospects for people in Honiara.  

“The contract with the Tina project came about when HEC, the project's contractor, approached us,” said Jason Lee, Managing Director of Solomon Sheet Steel who has worked with the company for 25 years. “We have already supplied significant quantities of aggregates and cement for the project with 5,296 cubic meters of aggregates supplied while 703 tons of cement has been delivered. These materials are primarily being utilised in various areas of the project including road construction, camp setup, and small-scale infrastructure within the site area.” 

Engagement with local companies has always been a top priority for the major renewable project to help stimulate economic growth, generate business revenue, and create employment opportunities within the community.  It is also a requirement of the Solomon Island Government who is implementing the Project with financing and support from the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development, the Asian Development Bank, the Government of Australia, the Green Climate Fund, Korea EX-IM Economic Development Cooperation Fund, and the World Bank.  

With 3 sites across Honiara, the company has established itself as a key player in the construction industry in the Solomon Islands with the ongoing supply relationship with the project holding great promise, looking forward to continuing the collaboration with HEC into the future. Solomon Sheet Steel's success story exemplifies the significant benefits derived from supporting local enterprises and is yet another example of the enormous value major infrastructure projects like the Tina River Hydropower Development (TRHDP) brings to the community and country. 

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